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Searching, attracting, and delivering the rarest talent – Rebstöck Consulting is rapidly becoming the leading executive, direct search and advanced technologies recruitment consultancy in the Czech Republic, with its extensive talent and expert-sourcing reach in Central and Eastern Europe.

From Prague to Moscow, from the Baltic States to Romania, Rebstöck Consulting helps organizations grow and succeed through the search, selection and delivery of qualified candidates in some of our clients’ most critical roles.

Retained as the exclusive provider by numerous major corporations, leading IT innovators, and Fortune 500 companies, Rebstöck Consulting combines penetrating knowledge of a wide range of positions and industries with a constantly evolving network of resources to address the nuances of any assignment as strategically as possible.

We bring the vision, dedication, and mastery necessary to help you grow.

Today, even in the turbulent times of a global financial crisis, Rebstöck Consulting continues to play a vital role in the growth of our corporate clients, providing experienced interim managers, consultations on compensations and benefits, replacements, succession planning and other strategic human resources issues, as well as providing confidential executive and technology recruitment services and the hiring of key staff.

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Rebstöck Consulting also acts as a trusted strategic management advisor to multinational corporations in the US and Europe seeking an entry to our home markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

To find out more about services we provide in this area, please contact us directly.


How to handle Headhunters on the phone

You’re working at your desk when the phone rings. You pick it up. It’s a headhunter on the other end
with a potential job opportunity you might be interested in. This isn’t exactly the best time…your boss
could be right around the corner. What do you say?

If you’re at work when a headhunter calls

Kindly make it clear that you can’t talk now and that you’d like to take the opportunity to discuss
things later – maybe in the evening when you get home (don’t worry, recruiters work the strangest
hours). A seasoned headhunter will understand your sticky situation, as they make phone calls all day
and are quite familiar with the “caught me at a bad time” response. As a professional courtesy, you
should never talk or email about other job opportunities while at work. Save all your job seeking
discussions for when you’re out of the office and on your own time.

What should you say?

Postponing the conversation will not affect your good standing in the eyes of the recruiter. Just briefly
explain your situation and ask for their name, number and email address. Likewise, you can trade
your non-work (personal) contact details and suggest a better time to connect.
If you don’t hear back soon, the recruiter may have forgotten about you (they make a lot of calls). Feel
free to call back with the information they provided and see what the opportunity is all about.

If you’re at home when a headhunter calls

Or if you’re following up a previous conversation, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Good
recruiters love asking questions – it’s how they find the right candidates for the job. A headhunter will
usually be after only a handful of quality leads to present to his client, so your first phone call may
make or break future correspondence. It’s nothing personal – they’re just looking to find the right fit for
the right job.

What should you say?

Be open and honest. Accurately answer all of the headhunter’s questions and be sure to ask a few of
your own. Don’t bother trying to figure out the name of the client company just yet – the recruiter
won’t tell you who they are representing. They need to sure you won’t try to go around them. There
has to be a significant level of trust. If they invite you out for a cup of coffee, say yes.

Determine whether or not you’re actually interested in pursuing a new position. Make up your mind
and stick to it – recruiters don’t like to be strung along. If you’re up for the challenge – go all in – tell
the headhunter you’re on board and sell yourself as a great candidate for the role.

No matter what you choose, always be respectful of a headhunter’s time and patience. Never be
dishonest about your intentions. If you’re not interested in working together, simply say so and thank
them for their effort. You may not be looking for a new job at the moment, but it’s good idea to
connect with recruiters anyway – a wide professional network is a valuable thing to have when you
find yourself looking for a new job in the future.

Marie Larsen
September 3, 2012

Search, selection and hiring of a GM/Country Manager in Hungary completed in 30 days.

REBSTÖCK CONSULTING is proud to announce it successfuly completed a very difficult and complicated search and selection process in Hungary. In late April, 2012, REBSTÖCK was retained by a US-based company, a global leader in analytical instrumentation, to preselect potential candidates for the top seat of its hungarian operations.

With the support of its hungarian partners, Rebstöck shortlisted and presented four potential candidates to the client, who decided for the best one in less then one month from the start of the assignment. The candidate started the job in June 2012 and so the whole process took exactly 30 days to be completed, including the on-boarding.

We thank our client and the partner for this exciting project.

REBSTÖCK wins executive search and technical recruitment contract with a Hi-Tech Engineering Co.

In early 2012, REBSTÖCK CONSULTING sealed a deal with a client, whose core business is mechanical engineering and calculations of gears, cogwheels, engines and other kinetic parts for automotive industry. Candidates from this specific field are in a very high demand from our customers in the Czech Rep. as the education system is lacking behind the requirements of the industry.

Rebstöck has placed several professionals in the mechanical design and engineering with its clients over the past few months.

REBSTÖCK CONSULTING to support recruitment and hiring of JAVA Developers for a german SW house.

A life-cycle project management SW developer, a german-based company with offices in Prague, is recruiting most of its IT/technical staff through REBSTÖCK CONSULTING since 2010. During 2012, the SW house is planning to double its developers base and REBSTÖCK is currently preselecting juniors and seniors for JAVA developer positions, project managers and testers.

REBSTÖCK CONSULTING wins executive search and technical recruitment contract with a major global corporation in Aviation and Aerospace

In Sept. 2011, REBSTÖCK CONSULTING representatives signed a deal with a major global corporation in the aviation and aerospace industry with R&D facilities in the Czech Republic.

This cooperation will boost the hiring efforts of our client, who is hiring professionals from different fields and all over the world. Rebstöck’s role is to preselect best-potential candidates with technical skill set, experience and people management skills.